Win Sum Dim Sum Mobile Pokies NZ

Win Sum Dim Sum

Win Sum Dim Sum Mobile Pokies NZ brings the delights of Asian cuisine to the mobile screen in a fun-filled online pokies NZ that you can enjoy on your laptop, desktop or mobile device. Play this pokies and combine your love of Asian cooking with some real money pokies entertainment.

Asian Cuisine

Chinese cuisine is regarded as the cuisine of the northern Asian region, with the other regions being the Southwest region that includes Burma, Sri Lanka, Pakistan and Inia and the South East region of  Thailand, Laos, Cambodia, Vietnam, Indonesia ,Malaysia, Singapore, Brunei. In recent years Asian cuisine has become popular in New Zealand where both those with Asian ancestry and others revel in the delicate tastes and textures of the culinary creations from the East. 

Rice is a staple of Asian foods, though it’s used in different ways in the different regions. Many types of vegetables, fish and even meat are cooked in woks where the food is sauted in a deep, cone-shaped frying pan that helps to imbue the flavors of the spices and herbs in the food. Common Asian cooking herbs and spices include garlic, ginger, chili peppers,  cinnamon, star anise, cloves, mace, nutmeg and coriander.  In Thailand sweet basil, sweet basil and mint are used in many dishes as are citrus flavors, especially line. Lemon grass and galangal make the cuisines of Asia unique and are included in many fish sauces that are popular throughout the entire region.

Play Win Sum Dim Sum Pokies

Win Sum Dim Sum offers all of the best in pokies fun and excitement. You’ll find enticing regular symbols, expanding wilds, scatter combination payouts, free spins, a paytable achievements feature and more which combine to deliver a satisfying gaming adventure of fun and excitement. 

Win Sum Dim Sum is a nine payline video pokies. You can bet a maximum of forty-five coins per spin, or up to 5 coins per payline. You don’t have to enable all of the paylines but it’s a good idea to enable as many as you can, even at a minimum bet (1 coin) so that you realize payouts on all wins. Winning combinations that form on unactivated paylines won’t allow you to realize any payouts so be sure to place deposits on as many lines as you can.

Symbols include spring rolls, spicy luscious sweet and sour cuisine, sea food dishes and traditional slot machine letter and number symbols. Whenever three symbols line up on an enabled payline, you’ll receive in a payout.

Special Symbols in Win Sum Dim Sum

The Bamboo Steamer symbol is the Wild symbol for this slot machine. The Bamboo Steamer image substitutes for other symbols to complete winning paylines. So, for example, if your regular game spin results in 2 seafood dishes and a bamboo steamer symbol, the bamboo steamer will stand in for the missing seafood dish symbol and will complete the payline. The bamboo steamer icon creates its own winning combination when multiple Wilds appear in a line on an enabled payline. 

The Bamboo Steamer wild functions as an expanding Wild symbol when it emerges on the third reel during a regular game spin. It them expands to cover all of the reels and deliver a win.

The Teapot symbol is the Win Sum Dim Sum satter symbol. If two or more scatter symbols occur anywhere on the reels during a regular game spin, a scatter win is created, triggering a scatter combination payout. Scatter payouts are calculated by multiplying the scatter payout value by the total number of regular coins that were bet on the spin that triggered the scatter win.

Free Spins Game

The Free Spins bonus game is activated when three or more scatter symbols appear, in any position, regardless of whether they appear on activated or unactivated paylines.

When the free spins round begins the regular game stops and you’re awarded 15 free spins. In this game you spin the reels for free and collect payouts on the wins. The bamboo steamer symbol acts as an expanding wild if it emerges on the second, third or fourth reels during the Free Spins game.

The last deposit that was placed in the game is used as the free spins bet amount. So if you enabled all 9 paylines with a 2-coin bet on the spin that activated the Free Spins, your bet on your Free Spins would be 18 coins, with the 2-coin bet remaining on the same paylines.

If you achieve 3 scatter symbols on a Free Spin the free spins will be re-activated and the extra free spins are added to your previous number of free spins that remained from your first free spins round.

Paytable Achievements

The Paytable Achievements feature enables you to track your winnings more easily. Your wining combinations will be highlighted, allowing you to more easily follow the progress of the game.

It works like this: Once all of the combinations for a particular symbol have been won, the symbol will be highlighted which informs you of your achievement. The achievements will display in a highlighted form for the rest of the game and will be logged throughout the game. These achievements involves achievements completed before the expanding wild expands. Free spins wins and winning combinations that are completed with the inclusion of a wild symbol are not logged

Play on Mobile

You can play Win Sum Dim Sum on the gaming platform of your choice whenever and from wherever you wish. The New Zealand online casino offers a convenient gambling venue that allows you to enjoy casino entertainment in a leisurely environment that meets your individual needs and expectations.

When you open a casino account you’ll have access to all of the casino platforms. You can play at the Download or Flash casino on your laptop or desktop device or at the mobile casino on your smartphone or table screen. The mobile casino offers phone pokies through the mobile browser and through the mobile app.

Regardless of your platform you’ll be able to enjoy the mouth-watering symbols of Asian cuisine, together with generous game payouts and  win real money pokies  bonuses in an atmosphere of fun and excitement when you play Win Sum Dim Sum Mobile Pokies NZ. 

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