Mermaids Millions

Mermaids Millions

For thousands of years seafarers have reported sightings of half-women, half-fish creatures. Some are simply enchanted by these these “ladies of the sea” while others believe that glimpsing one of the mythical maidens will bring luck. Play Mermaids Millions mobile pokies and enjoy an adventure with the mystical creatures as you experience high-quality mobile casino entertainment and earn lucrative rewards. 


Mermaids, aquatic marine creatures that have been featured in the poetry and literature of many societies over the course of thousands of years, are described as female marine creatures who have the head, arms and torso of a female with the tail of a fish.  Ancient seagoing Phoenician sailors wrote about mermaid sightings as did the Assyrians and authors of the great Greek mythological epics.  Pirates worried that seeing a mermaid would indicate bad luck while even Christopher Columbus reported mermaid sightings when he wrote about explorations in the Caribbean. Sailors in the seas of far-flung lands, including those in Asia, Africa and North and South America, are recorded as reporting mermaid sightings well into the 21st century.

Mermaids are often regarded as matrons of enchantment. Their beguiling beauty, mesmerizing melodies and graceful appearance brings good fortune to all who come in contact with the captivating creatures. Now the Microgaming software developer is bringing Mermaids Millions online pokies NZ to your mobile gaming screen. Mermaids signal good fortune in one of New Zealand’s most popular mobile pokies games where players have the opportunity to complete paylines and earn payouts through a variety of regular game and bonus game activities.

Mermaids Millions has been adapted to the mobile screen. It offers bright, vivid imagery and easy touchscreen navigational tools that make it fun to play for real money on your smartphone or tablet browser. The visual images combine with an audio track whose underwater theme is highlighted by the sounds of the sea and the click-clack of the slot machine.  

To Start Playing Mermaids Millions

Mermaids Millions pokies is available for real money in the casino’s Real Mode or as a free mobile pokies which you can access on your mobile browser in the casino’s Free Mode.

Start playing in the mode of your choice by clicking on the “Spin” button which will start the reels spinning. Game symbols include the lovely mermaid herself, stern Neptune — the “King of the Sea,” a clam and his gleaming pearl, a basket of gems, a whimsical sea horse and a treasure chest that overflows with gold coins and jewels.

To make it easier to achieve winning paylines, the game also features traditional pokies playing card symbols including tens, Jacks, Queens, Kings and Aces. When multiple matching symbols line up on an enabled payline, you’ve won the spin and will receive a payout.

Special Symbols in Mermaids Millions

King Neptune, Roman god of the sea, functions as the Mermaids Millions pokies Wild. Whenever two matching symbols, plus the King Neptune symbol, emerge on an enabled payline, the King Neptune symbol acts as a Wild and substitutes for the third symbol to assist in creating a completed payline. Three King Neptune symbols displaying simultaneously on an activated payline form a winning combination and create a Wild combination for special Wild combination payouts. More than one combination occurring on the same payline earns you a payout for the highest combination.

The blushing Mermaid is the Mermaid’s Millions Scatter. Two or more mermaids, occurring on the reels concurrently in any position (not necessarily on an enable payline and not necessarily in any particular pattern) create a scatter combination. Scatter combinations deliver a scatter combination payout, calculated by the scatter payout multiplied by the number of coins that you bet on the spin that activated the scatter win.

Three or more scatters, appearing in any position on the reels, activate the Free Spins Bonus Game.

Bonus Games

There are two bonus games on the Mermaid’s Millions mobile pokies, a Free Spins game and a Treasure Bonus Game

Mermaids Millions Free Spins

The Free Spins game is activated when three scatter symbols appear anywhere on the reels of a regular game spin. Once the free spins game starts, all completed combinations pay out with a triple multiplier. The Free Spins retrigger if 3 scatters appear on a free spin. When the free spins round retriggers the new Free Spins are added to your remaining free spins.

Treasure Bonus Fun

Treasure Bonus game wins are added to your regular game payouts and to your free spins payouts.  Three or more treasure chests, with the first Treasure Chest symbol displaying on the first slot reel on an activated payline during a regular spin, triggers the Treasure Chest Bonus Game.  

When the Treasure Bonus game activates you’ll see 12 sunken treasure chests. You are invited to choose treasure chests, which the number of Treasure Chests that you can choose determined by the number of Treasure Chest symbols that appeared when the bonus game was activated.

Each chest presents its own unique payout. You achieve a total bonus game payout which is based on the payout amounts that your selected treasure chest symbols hid.   

Mermaids Millions Game Amenities

When you play Mermaids Millions pokies on your mobile smartphone or tablet you’ll be able to enjoy an easier and more enjoyable game event with the special game features. There’s an Expert Mode that creates a more intuitive gaming experience – click “Expert Mode” and the game automatically allows you to spin 5 or 10 consecutive spins. 

The casino also adds special bonuses and promotions to your game wins. If you’re a new player the casino presents you with a Welcome Bonus in which your initial deposits are matched with match bonus credits. For every coin that you deposit during your first week of casino activity, the casino matches those deposits that you can use on any of the casino’s pokies or any of the other games including the table games, card games and lotteries.

There are also Loyalty Points that you earn whenever you play any of the casino games for real money prizes. Play more games and earn more Loyalty Points which you can then redeem for casino give-aways.

Everyone is invited to play the casino’s monthly contests and enter the monthly draws, regarding of your deposit level. The monthly promotions deliver cash gifts, additional loyalty points, playing credits and more.

You’ll enjoy the mystery of mermaid magic along with some real money payouts when you play the fun-filled Mermaids Millions mobile pokies at the NZ mobile casino.

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