Get Lucky; Win a Million Dollars at Wildjack Pokies Casino

Wildjack Pokies Casino is one of the oldest online casinos, having been established in 1999!  That’s really old in the world of online gaming.  In the ensuing years, Wildjack Casino has established itself as one of the go-to online casinos for online gambling in NZ and around the world.

Pokies Come to Life at Wildjack

There are hundreds of great online pokies for NZ at Wild Jack.  Modern video pokies are a far cry from the pokies that we played before the internet.  Wild Jack has some nostalgic sentiment so you can access a few of those 3-reel pokies but the big pokies action at Wildjack Pokies Casino is in the 5-reel video pokies.

A Cornucopia of Delight

Everything you could want in online pokies for NZ is available at Wildjack!  You can get involved in soft, sweet romance or shoot ‘em up in with the bandits and the lawmen.  A new and already big hit with both women and men is Pistoleras in which the heroines are all beautiful beyond measure but tote their rifles like the cowboys of old!

Wilds and Scatters

The Wild symbols substitute for all other symbols except the Scatters.  Wild symbols also often have multipliers so the win is multiplied.  Wilds may be stacked in a reel.  The most common stacked Wild is three-high but there are games where the Wild is stacked through the entire reel!

Scatters usually take you to the free spin bonus rounds.  Multipliers in the bonus rounds are usually substantially higher than in the regular game.  In Lucky Leprechaun there are two bonus rounds.  In one you take a trip along the Trail O’ Fortune.  Every step in the Trail O’ Fortune has a larger multiplier than the previous one.  The last step on the Trail has a 1000x multiplier!

The Grand Maestro of Blackjack

Wild Jack Pokies Casino is actually best known for online blackjack.  Wildjack has over 50 different types of blackjack.  If you’ve played blackjack before you know about splitting, doubling down, insurance, and surrender.

The different types of blackjack have different rules regarding these four aspects of strategy.

If you haven’t played blackjack, you can learn a lot about the game by reading Wildjack’s blackjack tutorial. 

Advantages of Playing Online Blackjack

Anyone who has played online casino games knows full well the many advantages of gaming online.  You incur no costs for travel, hotels, meals, shows, tips to dealers, and any other expense your trip may have.

When you play casino games online you never have to wait to play.  At a land-based casino there may be only one table in your price range and if the table is already full, you have to wait.  Online, there is never a full table in your price range!

In a bricks-and-mortar establishment, you can’t take a blackjack betting chart with you to the table.  The casino absolutely won’t allow it but even if it did, the other players would harass you mercilessly for slowing the game down.  Online, nobody knows.  Free as a bird, you are!

Now, if you can memorize the betting chart, you can use your knowledge at any casino!  How many people in the world have memorized the chart?

Hundreds of Other Games

Wildjack Pokies Casino pokies is famous for pokies and its many blackjack varieties, but Wild Jack also has hundreds of other online casino games such as roulette, craps, bingo, casino war, baccarat and sic bo.  You’ve never played sic bo?  There’s a tutorial so you can get in the fun as soon as you’re ready.

Free Mode

Wild Jack encourages players to play in free mode for as long as they need before wagering real money on any game that is new to them.  With 700 games, Wild Jack doubtless has many games that most gamers are unfamiliar with.  At Wild Jack, you can play in free mode as long as you want.  Then when you’re ready you deposit and play any of their online casino games.

New Players’ Bonuses

New players have quite a bit to learn about Wildjack Pokies Casino but Wild Jack makes the learning process easy. 

Wild Jack has many deposit options so every gamer can find at least one that suits his or her needs.  New gamers are naturally leery about sending their money over the internet.  At Wild Jack, all money transfers are immediately protected by a powerful and secure encryption system.

So, you’ve decided to register to play at Wild Jack.  When you complete your registration form, you will get $5 free as a no deposit bonus.   Then the series of new player bonuses continues, starting with your first deposit.  These bonuses are offered for the first week after you make the first deposit.

  • For your first deposit you get another $5 free plus a 100% deposit bonus up to $250.
  • For your second deposit, you get $11 free money and another 100% deposit bonus up to $250.
  • For your third deposit, you get a 50% deposit bonus up to $500.
  • For your fourth deposit, you get another 50% deposit bonus, this time for up to $600.


Wild Jack is not just a great place to play pokies or blackjack or the many other games they offer!  Wildjack Pokies Casino also has a constant stream of lucrative promotions going.  In addition to daily and weekly promotions, Wild Jack has monthly promotions in which everyone or almost everyone wins!

Progressive Jackpots

Wild Jack has many pokies with progressive jackpots.  Mega Moolah’s jackpot begins at $1,000,000 and often gets much higher.  There are about twenty progressive jackpots at Wild Jack.  For the luckiest gamer, playing online pokies for NZ can be wildly lucrative, indeed!

Wild Jack Mobile Casino

Even if you choose to play almost exclusively on your PC or laptop, we suggest you download the app for the mobile casino.  If you have a mobile device, (LOL), you know the immense convenience of mobile.  This extends to online gambling in NZ as well.  If you feel that you would like a short break from your hard-working day, your mobile device stands ready to quickly get you to the casino!

Find Out For Yourselves

This short blurb about Wildjack Pokies Casino really just touched upon some but not all of the great gaming you can access there.  Go to Wild Jack Casino and see for yourselves: there’s a great big world of gaming fun and entertainment at perhaps the most experienced online casino around!