Spin Palace Pokies Casino – Up to $10,000 Monthly Bonuses and Additional Rewards!

Spin Palace Pokies Casino is known for long for being one of the most reputable and top rated casino in today's industry, and it is surely not surprising. With 6 different loyalty tiers, up to $1000 value of bonus prizes for new players, $10,000 monthly bonuses for loyal players, and a great variety of casino games, it is no wonder players keep on coming back, and invite all of their friends! It is time you join too!

New Players Enjoy Free Cash Grants!

Once joining the casino, you will qualify for three cash prizes which you will be able to use in order to play more games than what you paid for! The prizes can be up to $1000, and it all depends on you!

1st bonus – by making your first deposit, you are automatically qualified for a 100% match up bonus which can be up to $250. That means that for every dollar you deposit, up to $250, Spin Palace will reward you with an equivalent amount right away. With that being said, keep in mind that there is no limit on your deposit amount, only on the bonus received from it!

2nd bonus – upon making your second deposit, you can start to enjoy the 25% match up bonus with which you will be able to receive up to $300!

3rd bonus – the last of the three match up bonus grants players with 50% of their cash value deposited on the spot. This prize can be up to $450 value.

Note that the bonus is valid for new players only, and therefore must be claimed within 7 days from registering. Afterward, the bonus will be considered forfeited, so hurry up and start playing!

Moreover, as part of the New Players' Welcome Offer, new members of the casino are automatically qualified for a 500 points bonus which will serve them along the way in the loyalty club!

Games! The Never Ending Source of Joy!

Choosing a casino relies greatly on the offering of games, which, luckily, in this online casino real money, is surely vast and appealing! The games offered include online pokies NZ, blackjack, video poker, roulette, keno, craps, baccarat, scratch cards, and progressive jackpots.

When navigating to the Games page at the casino, members and potential members of the casino will be able to see not only the variety of games available, but also some broad explanations regarding each type of games. These explanations will make each new player's way a whole lot easier when getting into the gambling world, so nothing will hold them back!

Loyalty Club – More Bonuses, More Credits, and the Best Grants and Rewards!

Not only new players enjoy special benefits and rewards from the casino. Avid players who stick around, play a lot, win the games, and even invite their friends to join them, are rewarded just as much and enjoy even more! All loyal players are qualified to join the loyalty club, no invitation required, and once they do, they can start using the bonuses, and climb up the ladder of loyalty tiers!

The loyalty club of this NZ online casino, includes six different tiers (blue, sliver, gold, platinum, diamond, ad prive), and each tier offers better benefits and rewards than the previous one.

Blue Tier – requires zero loyalty points in order to become a member of this tier, and zero loyalty points for maintenance. Players who are qualified for this tier (a real money casino registration is required), will be able to participate in tournaments saved for the casino members only. Players will also be qualified for $500 bonuses per month, an amount which can vary between one player to another.

Silver Tier – 2,500 points are required both in order to enter the tier, as well as for maintenance. Here players can enjoy 10% bonus points, and $1000 value of casino bonuses a month.

Gold Tier – Not only players will be able to enjoy $2000 bonuses a month and 20% bonus points, but they will also have their own VIP territory manager, access to exclusive promotions and competitions, exclusive gifts, and a travel to meet their VIP manager. 5,000 points are required for entrance, and 4,500 for maintenance.

Platinum Tier – 10,000 loyalty points and you are there! 8,000 points are required for maintenance. Once you are a Platinum member, not only will you be qualified for all the prizes offered to those in lower tiers, but you will also receive invitations for worldwide VIP events and vacations no other players are invited to, and an exclusive support phone number!

Diamond Tier – With 200,000 loyalty points and 10,000 maintenance points, the following benefits will surely be yours: faster withdrawals than ever before, invitations to worldwide sports events, and customized bonus offers you will not be able to reject! The bonus points will be of 50% rate, and your monthly casino bonuses will be for $7500!

Prive – The most luxurious tier which only the most avid player get to enjoy from! If you are one of the players who can never get enough of Spin Palace Pokies Casino, and you are not going to rest until you make it to the highest tier, be sure customized gifts for you and your family will be offered, as well as all the other benefits given to players in lower tiers. Moreover, The casino bonuses per month you will be eligible to receive will be for $10,000, and the bonus points will be of 60% value! 500,000 entry points and 25,000 maintenance points are all that it takes!

Banking Methods, Safety and Security

Once you are completely positive you are satisfied with the games, benefits, and bonuses offered for players, you better make sure you are informed about the banking methods, and that they suit you perfectly. That is important since once you know all about the monetary part, you can be confident your money will be safe no matter what, so you have got nothing to worry about. This way, you will be able to play and deposit, keeping yourself relaxed all day and night long.

For making withdrawals, you can choose one, or some, of the following companies: visa, maestro, PayPal, neteller, skrill, eco, click and buy, instadebit, dbt, entropay, exipay, and echeck. Deposits can be made with all of the companies mentioned for withdrawals, as well as with the followings: poli, paysafe card, and instant banking by citadel. Since there are so many options, you can be confident you will find something that perfectly suits your needs.

Additionally, since the companies cooperating with Spin Palace Pokies Casino regarding transactions are some of the most reputable ones in the gambling world, you will be able to register once for one, or some of these companies here, and then keep on using the same accounts when depositing at other casinos without opening new accounts.

Play Mobile and Enjoy No Matter Where You Are!

Spin Palace Pokies Casino also has mobile versions which support iPhone / iPad, Android, Blackberry, and other smartphones. By registering the online casino you actually create an account which can serve you from many different places and devices, and thus you can start taking your games, tournaments, bonuses, and promotions with you everywhere!

Contact the Support Team

Contacting the support team is easy with toll free numbers, an email address, and a chat support. Help will be provided 24/7, so you can always receive an answer for your queries.

Good luck!