Reel Spinner Mobile Pokies NZ

Reel Spinner mobile pokies NZ gives you some fishing relaxation with real money prizes that you can enjoy at your leisure on your mobile device. Reel Spinner online pokies NZ lets you cast your line for much more than fish – you'll find 15 paylines, wilds, scatters, multi-stage free spins and plenty of fun and excitement in this whimsical fishing expedition. 

Reel  Spinner mobile pokies NZ is available for PC and mobile players who can enter the casino on their preferred device and play at their leisure at any time and from any location. To play Reel Spinner pokies, simply open a free account at the NZ online casino and indicate "Reel Spinner" in the games lobby.

There are four platform options for playing NZ pokies:

  1. Download the casino software into your laptop or desktop and play at the Download Casino from the comfort of your own home.
  2. Open the casino's URL and play directly at the Flash casino on your PC browser
  3. Download the mobile app to enjoy fast-loading, touchscreen navigational tools when you play on the downloaded mobile software on your Android, iOS, Blackberry or Windows smartphone or tablet
  4. Open the mobile website on your tablet or smartphone device's mobile browser and play right on the mobile site

The casino supports cable, WiFi and cellular connectivity which makes it easy to enjoy your gambling entertainment at your convenience.

The NZ casino platforms operate in tandem, meaning that all of your gaming history, current activities, banking details and bonus give-aways are stored in your account. You can open the casino and immediately access your previous games, contest opt-ins and PC an d mobile pokies bonus promotions according to your current needs.

NZ Fishing

New Zealand offers some of the world's best fishing. Rivers, lakes, backcountry stream and spring creeks offer opportunities to enjoy fresh water fishing at its best. Some of the most plentiful fish in NZ include rainbow and brown trout, salmon, perch, tench and quinnat.

For those times that you can't travel to one of the NZ fishing holes, you can pull out your gaming device and bring up the images of fishing fun as you play for real money prizes in the Reel Spinner fishing-themed pokies. The game features 15 paylines with a 11.25 coin maximum bet per payline. When you take into account those 15 paylines, the Australian online pokies free spins and the various spin options, you'll find a game that gives you the chance to win up to 2,250,000 coins. This is a high-payout game indeed.

Regular game payouts are dependent on your bet per payline. You don't have to activate all of the 15 paylines but it's a good idea to activate them, even at a minimal level, so that you don't miss the payouts on your wins. The more you bet on each payline, the more you win.

Symbols on this slot machine revolve around recreational fishing. There are tuna fish, barracuda fish, dorado fish and other fish that display green, blue, orange and purple colours. The fish swim upstream the reels alongside fishing boats, boat gear, compasses and other symbols that create an atmosphere of fishing relaxation. Three symbols on an enabled payline indicate a payout. Payout values are determined by the symbols that match. The more fish matched, the bigger and better your payouts. 

Special Symbols

Reel Spinner's Wild symbol is its Logo. The wild symbol acts as a substitute for other symbols, functioning as the missing 3rd symbol as it completes winning paylines. So, for instance, if your spin results in two dorado fish plus the Wild, the Wild takes the place of the third dorado which results in a winning payline. Wild symbols are stacked in the Reel Spinner pokies. That means that the wilds stack up on the reels, enabling you to create more wins.

Win amounts are presented as coins, both on the reels and in the Win Box, throughout your spins, Each spin pays out one regular winning combination. If two wins occur on a single spin, you receive the value of the highest combination that occurred on that spin. Bottom of Form 

Scatter Wins

Three scatters, appearing simultaneously on a spin, anywhere on the reels, creates a scatter combination wins. This combination is formed regardless of whether the scatters occur on activated or unactivated paylines and regardless the scatter symbols' positions on the reels. Your scatter combination payout is calculated based on the number of scatters that emerged on the spin, then multiplied by the number of coins that you wagered on the spin that activated the scatter combination.

The Scatter Win also triggers the free spins bonus round.

Free Spins

The Reel Spinner free spins is presented as a a three-tiered bonus game. The idea of this type of free spins round is that the options presented give players more control over their free spins. 

In Stage 1,  the bonus game is launched. The free spins round begins when three scatter symbols occur on a regular game spin. Five boats will appear on the screen to start the found and you are invited to choose one of those boats. Whichever boat that you select will determine the number of free spins to which you will be entitled to spin.   

In Stage 2 you'll find out what your free spins multiplier will include. Spin the reels to discover your multiplier value. This is the multiplier that will multiply your free spins wins. The free spins bet amount will be determined by the last wager that you place in the regular game. Regular game Wilds continue to function as stacked wilds during the Free Spins and will continue to create Wild symbol stacks during the free spins round

The third stage brings you to the reel spins. These are your free spins. Now you spin the reels for free and multiply your wins by the multiplier value that you achieved in Stage 2. Add these multiplied free spins payouts to your regular game wins. 

Fishing in New Zealand has never been as satisfying as in the Reel Spinner mobile pokies.