Kathmandu Mobile Pokies

Regardless of whether you're riding the bus to work in the morning, taking a break from your work station, waiting in line at the supermarket or relaxing on your front porch swing before you go to bed at night, you'll appreciate the ease and convenience that you experience when you play Kathmandu mobile pokies on your smartphone or tablet browser at any time and from any location.  

Mobile Pokies

Kathmandu is a five reel, nine payline and 180 coin adventure-themed slots that takes you into the mystical world of Eastern culture. You spin the reels and form winning combinations along enabled paylines. Then, you collect your payouts which are based on the combinations that you formed. 

To play Kathmandu pokies, start by selecting the number of paylines that you want to play by placing a deposit on those lines. You can play as few or as many paylines as you wish, but only those lines that are enabled by a deposit will deliver a payout if a winning combination appears on one of those lines. Therefore, it's advisable to enable as many of the lines as you can. 

Once you've selected your online pokies NZ paylines, click "Spin." Wins will be immediately highlighted on the reels, with the Win box displaying your payouts. 

Kathmandu Symbols

The symbols displayed in the Kathmandu game offer a glimpse into the magical world of Nepal – often referred to as "The Hidden Kingdom." 

You'll see a map of the city, elephants, exotic spices, bell towers and Buddhist Temples. Keep an eye out for the Wild Prayer Wheel which is the game's Wild symbol. It substitutes for any other symbol to assist in creating additional paylines. Wild reels are formed whenever multiple Wild Symbols appear together on an enabled payline – the more Wild Symbols you achieve on a Wild Reel, the bigger your payout. 

The Scatter symbol is a Bell icon. When a player achieves two or more Bells on the reels, he is awarded a Scatter Combination payout. This payout is determined by the number of coins wagered on the spin and then multiplied by the value of the game's Scatter Combination Payout. Scatter wins occur even though the symbols don't line up on an enabled payline – the symbols may appear scattered throughout the reels, in any position. 

Three or more scatter symbols, resulting from a spin in which the symbols display scattered on the reels in any pattern, activate the Free Spins game. 

Wild symbols don't substitute for scatters.   

Free Spins 

The Kathmandu pokies pays out a mobile pokies bonus in the form of 15 free spins which are awarded whenever you achieve three scatter symbols during a regular game spin. The Free Spins wild symbol is the Temple symbol which completes free spins wins. If three scatters appear on the reels during a free spin, the free spins round reactivates, and your new free spins are added to your free spins total that remain from the previous round. Payouts are determined by the deposit that you made on the spin that activated the bonus game with all free spins wins delivering a 5x multiplier.

To play the Free Spins round, click "Start Free Spins" after you achieve three scatter Bell symbols during a regular game spin. The free spins wins are added to your regular game wins and are featured in the Win box. After your free spins round ends you'll automatically be returned to the regular slot game.

Kathmandu Gamble

Betting in Nepal is generally conducted by small groups of dedicated gamers who gather to compete at fun-filled games of Bagh-Chai and Jhyap. You can also add some gambling fun to your Kathmandu mobile pokies event when you participate in the pokies Gamble Round. The Gamble round is optional – you play if you wish or pass the Gamble Round to continue with your regular game. But if you're in the mood to test your luck, the Gamble Round is a fun feature of the Kathmandu slot machine.

Any regular game win triggers the Gamble option so you can play once, twice, or more, up to five times. If you decide to Gamble, click "Gamble" and you'll see a hidden card. You are given the choice to gamble on the card's colour (red or black) and, for a correct guess, double your existing wins, or gamble on the card's suit (hearts, diamonds, clubs or spades) and, for a correct guess, quadruple your existing wins.

You collect your payouts as soon as the feature ends. Then you return to the regular game where you can gamble again after another regular game win or just continue with the basic game.

Pokies Mobile

Kathmandu is a featured game at the pokies mobile casino where gamers can play at any their leisure on their smartphone or tablet device.

The brilliant colours and vibrant graphics of Kathmandu pokies create a pokies extravaganza for mobile gamers who can play whenever and from wherever they wish. The mobile casino supports all iOS, Android and Blackberry mobile devices, making it easy to log into your casino account at your convenience and play at any time and from any location.

You can play on the mobile browser via the casino's URL or you can download the casino app and play through the app for a more intuitive and easy-loading mobile pokies experience.  You can even take a trip from your own NZ "Land of the Great Cloud" paradise to the "Hidden Kingdom" of Nepal and enjoy the game as you explore the riches and mysteries of Kathmandu.

Casino Bonuses

The NZ mobile casino offers multiple additional bonuses that you can add to your regular game payouts, your free spins wins and your gamble rewards. If you're a new player the casino will match your first week deposits with matching deposits for a lucrative Welcome Bonus while everyone benefits from Loyalty Points which are awarded to all gamers, based on the games that they play and the amount of time that they play. The monthly bonus promotions are open to all players who can enjoy monthly and seasonal draws and contests for no additional deposit.

Playing Kathmandu mobile pokies offers a wealth of fun, excitement and real money prizes that you can enjoy right on your personal mobile device.