Betway Pokies Casino – Win 100% Match Up Bonus Now!

It is time to join one of the top rated casinos in the industry, which offers only the best of the best - Betway Pokies Casino! With a special welcome bonus players can enjoy up to $1000 when making their 3 first deposits at the casino! Special promotions, including a poker loyalty club, will reward all loyal players, and a variety of more games than anyone could ever wish for is an integral part of this casino! Join today and start enjoying the many pokies games, roulette, blackjack, bingo, and many other games! With the best banking methods, and a high level of security for your monetary transactions, there is absolutely no doubt you will stay satisfied in this casino for a very long time!

The Best Games In the Industry!

When looking for a new casino, one of the most important things that should be checked is the offering of games: the more, the merrier, and the higher rated – the better! Fortunately, when it comes to Betway Pokies Casino, the offering is beyond imagination, and all players are sure to be satisfied! Online pokies NZ, roulette, blackjack, poker, and bingo are all available, and players will be able to enjoy them, either when using the online site, or when playing mobile. When it comes specifically to the pokies games, over 400 games are offered, including 5 reel, 3 reel and classic machines!

The Welcome Bonus – New Players' Greatest Treat

Being a new player in Betway online pokies casino is always exciting, but not only due to the large number of games waiting to be played, and the many promotions lying ahead. This online casino NZ also makes sure the players are satisfied before they try out their very first game, by introducing them to one of the best Sign Up Offers in the industry!

The welcome bonus offers, all in all, a $1000 grant which can be received by making three deposits at the casino. When making the first deposit, players are eligible to receive a 100% match up bonus, which can be up to $250. That means that players who will deposit $250, will receive the exact same amount of cash from the casino, and will start their very first game in Betway with $500 inclusively.

The second deposit grants players with a 25% match up bonus, and once more players can receive up to $250. The third, and last, deposit is even more exciting than the previous one, since it offers players to enjoy up to $500 which will be given as a 50% match up bonus! These bonuses are valid for the 7 days after the registration. After that, they are forfeited and players will not be able to reclaim them. Therefore, make sure you seize them as quickly as possible, and make the most out of them!

Betway's Poker Loyalty Club

The Sign Up Bonus is used by the new players. The special games are used by the long term and new players all as one. But what is the special benefit the loyal players of this casino enjoy from? That would be the Loyalty Club, which offers many special rewards to all the players who really enjoy Betway, and keep coming back, playing games, and winning over and over again!

The poker loyalty club is comprised of four different tiers: blue, bronze, sliver and gold.

Blue Tier – 0 loyalty points are required for entrance, as well as for maintenance.

Bronze Tier – 250 – 749 loyalty points are required for entrance, and 150 for maintenance. The total cash loyalty received is of 10%.

Silver Tier – in order to qualify for this tier, players will only have to achieve 750 – 1499 loyalty points, and to hold 500 points for maintenance. Their total cash loyalty rate will be of 22%

Gold Tierthis is the highest tier offered in the program, and it requires 1500+ points for entrance, and the total cash loyalty award is of 30%.

In order to win loyalty points, players only need to play the many poker games available in the casino. For every $1 generated in the cash rate, 10 loyalty points will be won. When playing the promotions, players can also win bonus loyalty points, and in case a Happy Hour is ran in the casino, it is even possible to receive extra 10 bonus points for every 100 Plus Points won.

A grace period is offered at Betway, which lets players remain on a tier even if they have not managed to gain the required number of loyalty points for maintenance. Usually, the grace period lasts a month.

Even once you become loyal and respected players at the casino, make sure you keep on coming back, playing and seizing your rewards! After 180 days of inactivity a message is sent for the player, letting him or her know the points won so far may be expired if no additional activity will be shown soon. If, after 21 days from receiving this message the player is still not playing at the casino, the points will then be forfeited.

Redeeming Loyalty Points for Cash

Interested in withdrawing some cash back? That can definitely be done thanks to the special redeeming services of the casino. Once you win enough loyalty points to redeem $10 worth, you will be able to start making withdrawals as you wish! (a table with the exchange rates is posted in the Poker Loyalty Club's page at the casino). Make sure you gained enough cashable points prior to trying to make the redeeming action!

Banking Methods – Make the Most Out of Your Transactions!

When playing games, making deposits, and withdrawing your cash, you want to be sure you are using the best services in the industry. Such services will offer complete security for your monetary transactions, as well as comfortable ways to pose them. You will be able to know the cash is transferred quickly and reliably, and that help will be provided in any sort of occasion.

Luckily, Betway Pokies Casino is a casino which offers all of these benefits, and much more with the best banking companies in the casino industry. Moreover, since these companies are so reliable and renowned, players can find them at many other casinos as well. That means that by opening a single account, it is possible to use it again and again when making multiple transactions in many other casinos.

These services are: Visa, PayPal, Skrill, PaySafeCard, Neteller, and Master Card.

Stay In Touch – Someone Will Always Be Here to Help!

For any query, question, inquiry or problem that may occur, be sure someone will be here for you. Many communication methods are offered to the players, and you can choose the one, or ones, that suit you best at any given time.

Phone numbers are available for callers from UK, Ireland, Canada, and the rest of the world. A 24 hours service, from Monday to Sunday is offered. A link for the live chat, as well as an email address are posted in the Contact page of the casino, and a short link for “forgot user name / password” process is also available at the same page.