Mega Moolah with $1,000,000 Minimum Jackpots at All Slots Pokies Casino

New Zealanders love their pokies and All Slots Pokies Casino does everything possible to make your pokies playing as enjoyable and lucrative as possible.  Of course, All Slots can’t guarantee luck but every day a lucky bloke or more hits a big jackpot at All Slots Pokies Casino.

Progressive Jackpots

The biggest jackpots are for the many progressive jackpots available at All Slots online pokies casino.  Most of the progressive jackpots are for pokies games but there are progressive jackpots in roulette and blackjack as well.

Our “neighbor”, Sara H. of Australia, won just short of $2,000,000 playing King Cashalot.  The jackpots for Mega Moolah start at $1,000,000. 

All in all, there are 19 progressive jackpots in online pokies alone at All Slots.

Online Pokies

One of the big benefits of playing at an online pokies casino is that you never have to wait.  Even though a land-based casino is never very far away in NZ, online pokies NZ offers the convenience of playing at home, plus savings in time , petrol, accommodations, food and everything else that goes into an excursion to a brick-and-mortar casino.

There is nothing more disappointing than reaching a land-based casino and finding that someone has sat down before your favourite pokies game.  When you play at an online pokies casino, no matter how many people are playing your favourite game, there’s always room for one more!

Pokies at All Slots

All Slots Pokies Casino has literally hundreds of exciting pokies.  If you have a bent for nostalgia, you can also play a few 3-reel pokies at All Slots but most gamers love to play the modern 5-reel video pokies.

They are called video pokies because each has symbols unique to the individual theme of the pokies game.  As in a real video, the symbols or characters move, speak, dance, shoot their weapons, or any of hundreds of other animated activities.

There are dozens of categories in online pokies NZ and All Slots has representative pokies in all of them!  So, whether you’re into romance or adventure; medieval intrigue or futuristic science fiction; piracy or lunacy, All Slots online pokies casino has many selections you’ll enjoy playing over and again.

Table Games

Blackjack is the most popular table game at any casino.  At All Slots you can try your skill at over 50 versions of blackjack.  The rules of blackjack remain the same throughout but the differences apply to splitting, doubling down, soft 17, pushes, and so on.

In Double Exposure you get to see both of the dealer’s cards.  This gives you an amazing advantage!  You would never hit with 19 but if dealer shows 20 points, you will most definitely hit with 19.  To even things out, in Double Exposure all ties go to the dealer!

Casino Poker or Table Poker

In this virtual poker game, you play against the dealer.  The biggest benefit for most table poker fans is that the dealer cannot bluff!  So, casino poker is largely a game of chance that gives true poker lovers a chance to play their favourite game without the tension that bluffing elicits!

Video Poker

All Slots has over 50 versions of video poker. This is generally five card draw poker in which you play against the pay scale rather than against the dealer.  In every version of video poker, you must achieve a minimum hand to win.  The pay table represents the relative ease or difficulty in reaching the minimum hand.

However, the house also must achieve a minimum hand to win.  So, if your hand is poor, you can play on and possibly lose your bet, fold and lose half your bet, or play on and tie the house.  If neither you nor the house can win, neither you nor the house can lose!  It’s a push.


There are three versions of roulette at All Slots Pokies Casino: American, French, and European.  Truth be told, most players who try out French roulette stick with it forever.  The player’s odds are better in French roulette than in either European or American roulette.

Other Table Games

All Slots offers craps, baccarat, keno, sic bo and many other table games.


All Slots has so many games that they understand that most players are curious about all of them but can’t possibly know the many nuances of them all.  So, All Slots provides helpful tutorials for all their games.

Practice Play

As you read up on a game heretofore unfamiliar to you, you ought to play it in Practice or Free Play.  This is completely free play, to be used as practice whilst you learn how to play the games for real money!

Live Casino

Even the most dedicated stay-at-home gamer often would like a little live action.  The All Slots Live Casino offers blackjack, baccarat, and roulette.  You can interact with the dealers or croupiers and, if you wish, you can choose a Playboy Model to be your dealer.

Mobile Casino

All Slots mobile casino has become extremely popular in just a few years.  It’s really no wonder as the mobile casino marries the convenience of mobile with the excitement of online gaming.

As definition on mobile screens continues to improve, you can play the mobile casino games in sharp definition. 

The overall convenience of mobile has become a cliché by now but downloading the app for the mobile casino has advantages unique to playing casino games online.  When you get home after a long day, you turn on your PC.  Oftentimes it takes a while for the computer to fully boot up.  With your mobile device, you just swipe and click and you’re ready to play!

Safe Banking

All Slots Pokies Casino is dedicated to keeping your money and personal information safe, secure, and secret.  Every transaction is protected by a powerful encryption system.

At All Slots you have over twenty different banking options so there is sure to be one that suits your individual needs.

Customer Service

All Slots’ support network is open every day round the clock: 24/7/365 service.  You can reach All Slots through chat, email, or toll free telephone.

Join the All Slots Community

When you sign up and start playing at All Slots Pokies Casino, you are entitled to the massive Welcome Package worth as much as $1630!  The bulk of the package comes in four deposit bonuses plus you get $30 in free money.

So, service, games, safety, more games, jackpots and ever more games make playing at All Slots Pokies Casino a winning move!